Battle Towers Hack for Diamonds, Gold & Food real money

Battle Towers Hack for Diamonds, Gold & Food,

Battle Towers is such a fun tower-building strategy defense game, but you might have noticed that diamonds, gold, and food are really important in this game, especially diamonds since you need those to construct your buildings and upgrade items.

You can get gold and diamonds through the in-app purchasing option, but this costs real money, and in a game like this it can get really expensive really quick. This is why we have decided to add Battle Towers to our hack database, which means we can give you a free cheat that allows you to get unlimited diamonds, gold, and food completely for free!

Check out the below image, which shows you the options menu, and this is where you will put in the amounts of the items you want to add to your gaming account.Battle Towers Hack for Diamonds, Gold & Food

All you have to do is download the free Battle Towers hack right here on our website, which takes about 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it will automatically install in about 30 seconds too, but this depends on your internet connection. You will then select what system you are using to play the game, which is either iOS or Android. You can then simply tap on the options menu near the items to set the amounts of each that you want to add to your account.

Finally, click “Start” to run the free hack tool, which can take up to 1 minute to complete the hack process, so don’t worry if it takes a little longer than the download itself. You will then be able to open up your game as you typically do, and you will see the diamonds, gold, and food sitting there in your account ready for you to use. It’s really that easy! The best part is that you can do this as many times as you want, so it’s unlimited in terms of how many of each you can add to your gaming account. That way, you can build up your defense and get your buildings constructed without ever buying any currency packs from the App Store.

Battle Towers Cheats & Tips

When I searched on Google for cheats and hacks for Battle Towers, I came across a dozens of websites which claimed they had working cheats for the game. Some of these websites even had videos that show you how the cheats work. A funny thing about those videos is that they are edited in such a way that you can tell they left out parts where you actually have to download and install the cheat program and how the cheat actually adds gold and diamonds to your game etc.

I went ahead and downloaded one of those cheat programs for the sake of this review. Once you click on the download button, you get forwarded to a download website which requires you to fill in a survey before you can even download the cheat program. Once you have filled in the survey, your download will start and soon you will find out that the cheat program does not work. It will tell you to connect your phone because it cannot detect your device. Either you are lucky that the program is fake, or unlucky because you could have also downloaded a nasty virus onto your computer. Instead of trying to find cheats for Battle Towers, you should follow the next set of tips to be better at playing it.

Battle Towers Gameplay Tips

When you are starting a new level, it is always tempting to put up defenses first. There are a wide variety of towers available once you unlock them. Some have better range, others have better damage. You need to find out what works best for you and not overspend on just your defenses because if you are overrun, you won’t have enough food to recruit new troops. The best way to go is to mix it up a bit. Arrow towers have a high range of attack and can be more effective against lower tier troops, while more expensive towers are good against stopping high tier enemies. Make sure the towers you put down are in range of the enemies passing it by. If the towers are too far off, then they are useless because they won’t be able to attack.

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