Bejeweled Blitz Free Hack Generator for Coins and Diamonds

Bejeweled Blitz Free Hack Generator for Coins and Diamonds

Bejeweled Blitz is a matching puzzle game where you have to match gems up in order to clear the board. There are a lot of special gems and boosters that you can purchase in the game to help you out, but you don’t want to spend real money buying diamonds and coins to beat the levels. You can download  hack generator right now, which gives you unlimited amounts of coins and diamonds without you spending real money.Bejeweled Blitz Free Hack Generator for Coins and Diamonds

As you see in the picture below, the interface is very simple, which allows you to just type in the amounts of coins and diamonds you want to add to your Bejeweled Blitz account. Bejeweled Blitz Free Hack Generator for Coins and Diamonds2

Once you start downloading the Bejeweled Blitz generator, it will complete it about one minute or less, and then it will begin to automatically install. Once the installation is complete, you just need to go through and select either iOS or Android. You will then be able to input the amounts of coins and diamonds that you want to add to your account, all completely for free.

Hit the “Start” button and the Bejeweled Blitz hack tool will begin working, which also should take under one minute to complete. You can then open up the Bejeweled Blitz game on your device, and the amounts of coins and diamonds you selected will be waiting on you to use. It really is that simple! This will allow you to get as many boosters and gem blasters as you need to complete the levels of the game without worrying about getting stuck on a level because you don’t have the right gems to help you out!

Bejeweled Blitz Tricks and Tips

Use detonators, scramblers, and multipliers to increase your score.  Work with them to get as many combos as possible

Getting a streak of combos in one switch will grant you the most points.  A general trend that you find in the best rounds is when you get the most combos in one swap.

Create chains of 4 gems to give yourself special gems that detonate the gems around it.  Do not detonate these right away because you want to try and save them as long as possible.  By doing so, you’ll receive a large burst of gems that multiply your score by extreme amounts.

There are two bonuses to get a super high score.  First, is the speed bonus that will be determined by how fast you swipe gems from side to side.  As you swipe gem, you’ll keep on receiving the gem score.  If you go slower, however, you will lose that bonus.  As a good “Bejeweled cheat” to remember, go fast!

Boosts are to be used as little a possible.  Boosts cost real money after you’ve used the starter ones up.  The most effective boosts are +5 seconds, Scrambler, and Bonus Multiplier (allows you to start with a bonus multiplier on the board).  Increasing the time by five seconds is significant when there are only 60 seconds to play with in the entire game.  The Scrambler can be used when you’ve just run out of combos that you see immediately on the board.  You can’t be wasting time trying to find combos!  Bonus Multipliers is getting you the ability to start multiplying your score earlier, hence more points.

Remember to use your daily spins.  As a good cheat, if you don’t want to play that day, still log into the app and use the daily spin.  Spins give you coins which can be used to purchase boosts, bonus gems, and other special items.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

Selecting the right special items and rare gems are both also extremely important in your success in Bejeweled Blitz.  The most helpful two items that help achieve high scores are the cat’s eye and the phoenix prism.  The cat’s eye works by blowing off a bunch of pieces off the board and if you’re at an 8x multiplier and have a speed bonus, this item will give you a ton of score.  The phoenix prism gems allow you to match them with any two gems of any color in order to create a chain reaction that clears all pieces across the board diagonally.  I highly recommend that you read these instructions carefully because placement is key when using this item.

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