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If you are looking for Blacklight: Retribution Cheats, such as Hacks or Aimbots, to use online, then you have found the right place to start. is an educational website and Community of Cheaters from a lot of different Online Games. It is our goal to not only share Hacks and other cheating methods with each other, but also to promote Cheating in a way that does not hurt the Games we love and play. If you are looking to Buy BLR Hacks, then you might want to check out our Legit Providers List or Reviews in order to find Sellers that you can trust to provide you with high quality products. If you are simply looking to Download Free Blacklight: Retribution Cheats or share your own with our lovely members, then please Sign Up, head over to our Forums and Get Started.

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Blacklight: Retribution Cheats
Cheats in BL:R are mostly just any ways that allow you to farm GP (Game Points), Ranks, Unlocks and Kills a lot faster than you usually would. Blacklight is a free to play game and therefore does push you just a little bit to spend a lot of time grinding. While the starting gear is decent, unlocking more permanent gear is still required to play at higher levels. Now obviously, since this is an online shooter, there is no way of cheating, such as cheat codes, integrated into the game, forcing players to come up with their own cheating methods. Now unless you are able to create and play 16 accounts simultaneously, which I impossible for most people on a budget, you will want to use hacks. The most popular kinds of hacks are ESP Hacks and Aimbots, with Aimbots being the more powerful, but more dangerous one to use. As in every game it is imperative to use these cheats with caution: If people notice that you are hacking, they only need to press a few buttons to report you to the game moderators. So please, make sure that you are using cheats in Blacklight: Retribution with respect for the game and its players. Have fun in helping others with your hacks, not dominating them. Also if you are using free cheats, make sure they are up to date, or you might get detected.


Blacklight: Retribution Aimbots
An aimbot (aka auto aim) is a program that will locate certain objects on your Blacklight map, such as bodies, and automatically aim (or shoot) them. – This is made possible by the very much exploitable condition that the whole map including all the players are being rendered and stored on your PC whenever you are playing Blacklight: Retribution. Aim bots are infamous among online shooter players and if you are using this cheat without caution, people will report you and you will lose your account. Usually aimbots will allow you to bind them to a key on your keyboard or mouse. Once you hold down that key, the aimbot will usually lock on to the nearest enemy with line of sight, allowing you to shoot. Most aimbots will also give you the option to shoot automatically. However, we highly recommend that you do not use auto fire in Blacklight, since people in this game are very savvy when it comes to identifying aim bot users. – This is probably due to the BLR player base being a bit older than the average FPS player base. If used and configured correctly to make the aimbot seem more human, this kind of software can help you farm GP a lot faster and skip a lot of the grind in this game. As always using free aimbots is a risk, since free stuff can be accessed by anyone including anti-cheat personnel. If you are looking to cheat in relative safety, then you will want to subscribe to a paid aimbot for Blacklight. You can find legitimate providers in our Lists and Reviews.


Blacklight: Retribution ESP Hacks
ESP (Extrasensory Perception) Hacks will again exploit the fact that the whole map in Blacklight: Retribution is stored and rendered on your machine in order to locate and highlight enemies, turrets and explosives. ESPs are also widely referred to as “Wallhacks”, since they allow you to see through walls and other objects. Now one might argue that Wallhacks are already integrated into the game in the form of the HVR (Hyper Reality Vision) visor. However, while you are unable to aim and shoot your weapon when using the HVR, this is not the case for ESP hacks. So basically you have permanent HVR vision at all times, which is obviously pretty overpowered. Now since the HVR does exist in this game, you might think that it will be harder for other players to tell if you are using ESP hacks. – This is wrong, since the very mature player base of Blacklight makes up for that. Blacklight players will be able to tell if you are using ESP hacks, if you use them without caution and they will report you. Again if you are using free ESPs, you are running a great risk, since the free nature of these hacks does not only make them easily accessible to you, but also the people who want to get rid of them. If you are looking for a more reliable and dependable way of using Wallhacks in BLR, then you might want to get a paid ESP Hack. Wallhacks are generally quite a bit cheaper than aimbots and you can find legitimate providers in our Lists and Reviews section.

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