Break the Prison Hack for Gold

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Break the Prison Hack for Gold Coins & All Powerups Unlock 2016

Break the Prison uses gold coins as its main currency. These are very expensive. You can get only 500 coins for $1.99. You’ll need a lot more to win at Break the Prison. Download our free Break the Prison hack tool to easily and freely get gold coins & unlock all powerups.

It’s very easy to use. Take a look at the image below to see how quick and easy using our Break the Prison hack tool is. The 2016 Break the Prison hack works without the need for an APK root and there are no surveys required. Just enter the amount of coins you want. The powerups will automatically be set to unlock.


Download our Break the Prison hack from our website. It takes 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it’ll install. This takes about another 30 seconds. Then, enter how many gold coins you would like. No surveys and you don’t have to root into the game’s APK! Click the big, blue “start” button. Don’t worry about the powerups — they will enable without you having to do anything.

This should start the hack. Once completed — don’t worry, it’s very quick! — open the app on your device. It will run normally, but with the added benefit of your extra gold coins and powerups! Have fun!

About Break the Prison

At the very first level of the game, you come up with the idea to put together a plan, which you are going to use to escape the prison you are in. By holding your finger on the screen, your character starts putting together a plan; however, a guard keeps walking up and down the hallway, which means that you will need to let your finger go, once he arrives at your cell. When the coast is clear again, you are able to proceed with your business and plan your escape.

Each level in Break the Prison is different. Once you have successfully finished level one, the next step in the plan would be that you steal two keys, due to the fact that there are two doors that hold you in the place that you are in. Of course, there will always be guards, so you need to be careful that you do not get caught, or else you will have to start over from the beginning.

The levels in Break the Prison vary from regular reaction levels, where you have to tap and hold your finger on your screen, and release it once a guard shows up, to gold mining levels, where you have to use a hook to grab the guards’ keys, without them noticing that you are doing it.

Each level in Break the Prison has a time limit, which ranges from half a minute up to a couple of minutes, depending how difficult the level is. In each level, you can earn up to three gold stars; however, you are required to earn at least one gold star, if you want to progress onwards. The amount of gold stars that you receive depends on how fast you finished that particular level.

The developers of Break the Prison have added a Daily Bonus system, which means that you receive rewards every twenty four hours. In order to claim those rewards, you will have to start the game and tap on the corresponding reward. The more consecutive days that you log in and play Break the Prison, the better the rewards become. However, you should keep in mind that in order to receive any of the rewards, you will need to have an internet connection.

By successfully completing a level, you will earn gold coins. Again, the amount of gold coins that you earn depends on how fast you have completed the level. You can use the gold coins that you have earned to purchase items in the in-game shop; single power-ups and packages.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

Break the Prison In-game store

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

Just like most mobile games, Break the Prison also has an in-game currency in the form of gold coins, which you can easily obtain by simply playing the game, successfully completing levels. You can use gold coins in Break the Prison to purchase items in the in-game store. There are two categories in the in-game store; Home and Gift. In the Home category, you can purchase all kinds of different power-ups, which you can use during your gameplay. In the Gift category, you can purchase packages that have many different kinds of power-ups in them.


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