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Candy Crush Cheats, then check out our Reviews and Legit Providers Lists in order to find trustworthy providers providingSoftware of high quality. However if you are simply here to Download Free CC Cheats or want to share your own stuff with us, then you are free to Sign Up, head over to our Forums and Get Started.

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Candy Crush Cheats
Cheating of Candy Crush is to use any kind of software or methods in order to get more Lives, Tickets, Boosts and play more effectively, get more combos and better score in every level than would usually be possible. Now it has to be pointed out that not every single exploit and cheat will work for all platforms. For example cheats that may work on PC (Facebook) might not work forAndroid and Apple devices. The most important thing to keep in mind is that in game items and currency cannot possibly be “hacked” or changed using any kind of tool. – This will be explained in more depth below. So items like gold bars, lives and boosts cannot be hacked at all, but there are certain exploits that allow you to get more than you would usually get. Now if you are relatively new to Cand Crush and want to cheat, then we recommend that you play the game on Facebook instead of your mobile device. This particular social game is most exploitable on PC, unless you got a rooted mobile device (you probably do not). Also keep in mind that the game is designed to test your patience, especially at the later levels (200+) and paying money for lives and boosts is what the game wants you to do. We are not saying that you should not spend money on the game. – If you like the game, then do support the developers, but this particular game can really get you to spend 1000s of dollars if you get addicted. – So instead of spending your whole capital, you might want to have a look at some exploits that can be used in Candy Crush instead.


Methods to Get More Lives (Cheats)
Getting more Candy Crush lives is easiest on Facebook: If you really want to get into Candy Crush on Facebook, then you might want to make an account that is dedicated to playing CC. Why? – Not only will you annoy your real friends, but having a separate account will also allow you to join a Candy Crush friends network (Facebook group) that will basically allow you to get Unlimited Lives for Candy Crush by requesting lives from your friends. All you basically do is create a separate account on facebook to play CC, then search for groups that are dedicated to Candy Crush, search for “candy crush friends” or “candy crush boards” ect. Join the group and ask people to add you and tell them you are a daily player. Now the problem about this method is that Facebook will delete your “fake Account” if you are doing it wrong. So in order to make sure that you do not get banned from facebook, do not add more than 5 friends a day, do spend a few cents on the game and only accept friends that are somewhere near you. That means just pay 1$ per PayPal to buy stull in Candy Crush to show Facebook that you are a real person and only accept friends that are at least from the same continent and language as you. So Americans accept Americans, ect. The spending money is not 100% necessary, but will basically ensure your account is save and also support the developers (not that they would need it at this point). This way you can amass a whole lot of Candy Crush Friends and ask them for lives, giving you basically unlimited lives. – This is not strictly speaking a “cheat”, but it is a way to exploit the system to achieve an infinite lives cheat.

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