CoD Ghosts Aimbots ESP and Wallhacks and God Mode: Impossible!

CoD Ghosts Cheats,
Cheating in this first person online shooter includes basically any and all methods or procedures that allow you as a player to unlock weapons faster, earn squad points more effectively and overall improve your stats and gameplay. Now in previous Call of Duty games it was actually possible to get to max rank, get all the weapons, attachments, camos ect. by editing files on your PC. However, this time this will not work, since your player stats, rank, squad points ect. are stored on the Call of Duty game servers. However, the usual cheats that we are used to from other FPS games will work in Ghosts as well: That includes Aimbots, ESP hacks and probably certain No-Recoil and No-Spread Hacks. However, we do recommend that you stick with aimbots and ESPs, since they are safer. Also do keep in mind that any free hacks you might find on the internet will generally get detected very soon and may endanger your account. If you want to have the most protection for your Call of Duty: Ghosts account while hacking, then please use a reliable and high quality paid hack provider.

CoD Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts Aimbots
Aimbots, as the name clearly implies, are bots (robots) that aim for you when playing CoD Ghosts in Multiplayer. Most aim bots however, will not only aim for you, but also shoot and kill targets in range. This kind of cheat is especially effective in online FPS that have realistic physics (shooting through walls), since it makes killing enemies through terrain possible. Aimbots can usually be toggled on and off at the push of a button and will simply kill any player in range and in quick succession when activated and only stop to reload or when you toggle the bot off.

Aimbots in Call of Duty ghosts are most effective when used with a high caliber light machine gun, since the amount of ammo determines how long you can have the aimbot active and basically be unbillable and in order to penetrate through walls you need a high caliber. – Aimbots are easily identified and if you do not use them with caution, chances are high that you and anyone using the same hack as you, coud get banned from playing CoDG, so use caution when using any kind of aiming help.


Call of Duty Ghosts ESP and Wallhacks
Wallhacks are most likely the most famous, or infamous, ESP hack out there in CoD. EPS stands for Extrasensory Perception and basically means that the hack will display information to you that you usually would not be able to perceive, such as seeing enemies through walls, enemy health, class, weapon, rank or displaying hidden enemies on your minimap and a lot more. Wall hacks are the most used ESP hacks in Call of Duty Ghosts, since they are not as easily noticed as aimbots, but still give you a huge advantage over your enemies.

A wall hack allows you to shoot enemies through walls manually or track their movements through buildings. Even though this hack is not nearly as obvious as the aimbot, the will headshot 10 people per second through walls, it is still noticeable: People that get killed by the same person in impossible situations, will notice and might still report you, so use these kinds of hacks with caution as well.

Problems when it comes to Hacking and Free Hacks in CoD:G
The main problem any provider or developer of free CoD hacks is dealing with, is that when people get something for free, they will not respect it enough. – A hack, if used without care, will get detected pretty soon and anyone using it will be banned from playing Call of Duty Ghosts online forever. So not only does a developer of a free cheat not get paid, people will not respect his work and it will be meaningless very soon. That is the main reason why here are not many free aimbots and hacks for Call of Duty and other FPS in general. So I would ask you guys to respect the work of the people uploading stuff here and treat it as if you had to pay for it. Thanks.


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Call of Duty Ghosts God Mode: Impossible!
There are a lot of people out there that will want to sell you on “God Mode Hacks” for CoD Ghosts. Hacking your health in this game is impossible. Why? – Because in any online game in this day and age, the health value of a player is not processed on your computer, but on the server where you play. Imagine if the health was still processed on your PC: Everyone would cheat and no one would be able to die, the game would die. – Please do not believe people that want you to get their God Mode Trainers, Hacks or Cheats, because all of them are either looking to get money from you, steal data from you or even infect your PC, so beware.

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