Counter-Strike: Source Aimbots, Hacks or Exploits

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Counter-Strike: Source

Counter-Strike: Source Cheats
Cheating in CSS is not an easy thing to do. As we all know the game heavily relies on experience and skill and there are players that have literally been playing the game for 10 years and more. The main problem with cheating in Source is not that it would de hard, but that people will notice. So the only way to still cheat in the environment of very savvy and experienced hardcore player is to cover it up as much as possible. The most popular kinds of cheats for Counter-Strike Source is the use of wall hacks and aimbots in order to locate enemy players and automatically aim and shoot them. Another way of cheating is called ghosting, which is the use of software to achieve a so called “spectator mode” and spy enemy positions. It is undisputed that aimbots are currently the most powerful cheat for CSS, since the game really revolves around headshots, more so than most other online shooters. The good thing about that is that head hitboxes are so huge that most people won’t suspect you of hacking as much as in other games if you constantly get headshots. Now obviously cheating will lead to you getting more kills and therefore more money to spend on weapons, allowing you to go for better gear and making your killing sprees even more believable. Never the less, you really need to use software that covers up the fact that you are cheating and you need to keep a low profile at all times. Keep in mind that other players can report you and that will lead to your account being reviewed by a game moderator and potentially banned. Cheating is not easy: A bad cheater will be in it to dominate other players and will use his hacks in an obvious way and eventually be banned from the game and rightfully so. A good cheater however will cheat to save energy and stay competitive, cannot be told apart from a legit pro player and plays for fun.

Counter-Strike: Source Aimbots, Hacks or Exploits

CS: Source Aimbots (Auto Aiming Software)
As we all know aiming is a very central skill to being a good CSS players. Compared to other online FPS games, heading for the head is a lot more important and is really what determines if you win or lose a duel, since spraying is usually not effective at all. Due to these circumstances, aimbots are incredibly powerful in CSS and can really give you an unbelievable advantage. If combined with some kind of no-recoil hack and no-spread cheat, aimbots will give you 100% accuracy and enable you to pretty much get one-shot kills in any situation where you see an opponent’s head. Now while auto aiming software in Source are powerful, they will be very easy to detect for other players with experience. Cheat or free aimbots will usually aim instantly, leading to very jagged and jerky aiming movement and making your cheating very obvious. For this reason it is recommended that you use high-qualit and paid auto aiming hacks in order to keep your account save. Especially if you are playing on Steam it is important to play it safe to keep your Steam account safe. It is also recommended that you buy an AWP as soon as possible, since people in CSS are quite used to very skilled AWP snipers and it is a lot more believable to get a long-range headshot with an AWP, than it is to do the same using the Desert Eagle or an AK 47. Aimbots usually do work for knifes as well, making close-range duels a lot easier to survive. Most aimbots let you bind the auto aim to a key and once you hold it down they will either automatically aim at the closest enemy or aim and shoot, if there is an integrated triggerbot. Usually we do recommend that you turn off the triggerbot, because it can lead to virtually impossible shots to hit and people noticing that something is very wrong here. Aimbots, like any hack that injects functions into your game memory, is detectable and you should always make sure that the software you are using is 100% up to date.

Counter-Strike: Source Aimbots, Hacks or Exploits 2

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Counter-Strike Source Wallhacks
Wouldn’t it be much easier to find and kill all those nasty Terrorists/Counter-Terrorists if you always knew exactly where they are and what they are doing? – Exactly, and that is why people are using Extrasensory Perception Hacks or ESPs in order to highlight enemy and allied players on your screen even through walls and other objects. Wallhacks are called wall hacks, because tey allow you to see through walls and sometime even shoot enemies through walls (not in CSS tho). ESPs can also display all kinds of other information link an enemies health, weapons, name, distance and so on. Most quality wallhacks will also warn you if people are able to see you or are aiming at you, allowing you to escape unexpected ganks and get a better k/d rating overall. While this cheat is arguably not quite as effective in massing up kills as auto aiming software is, wallhacks are a lot more fun to play with and a lot harder to detect for other players. After all it could simply be attributed to instinct or awesome reaction time if a player expects you to come around a corner. In addition ESP hacks are generally quite a bit cheaper to buy then other Counter-Strike: Source Hacks and since this is one of the most popular shooters of all time, there is quite a selection of providers.

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