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Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow Hack for No Ads

Do you want to unlock the ad free version of Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow for free? Download our free Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow hack tool now, straight from our site. This tool will easily and quickly allow you to unlock no ads.

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Download our Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow hack from our website. It’ll take 30 seconds for the download to finish, depending on your Internet connection. Then, you’ll need to install the hack. This is an extra 30 seconds. The ads will be set to disable automatically.

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About Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow

There will be 3 common opponents you will face in Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow, and each enemy type has its own strengths, weaknesses, and semi-predictable behavior. If you know your enemies, you should have no trouble in successfully defeating them. Here is a list of the 3 most common enemies with a short description of their general traits.

Halberd Infantry– These guards are the most common enemies that you will fight in Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow. Halberd infantry units will often be found walking around on the ground while patrolling small areas. They are only aware of objects and enemies when they have a direct line of sight on them, which means you could easily sneak up on these guards. A common tactic you can use to defeat Halberd infantry is to wait until they walk away from you, then close in from behind to dispatch them before they detect you. If the halberd infantry unit turns around before you can reach him, however, you’ll soon be speared on his weapon unless you can beat a hasty retreat, preferably onto a low-hanging tree branch. Since these guards are unaware of objects and enemies above them, you can use trees as a safe spot to hide after being spotted by halberd infantry, or you can use them as a platform for staging an ambush from above. Just remember that whenever you attack these units, you must make sure that you’re attacking them from behind, because attacking an infantry unit head-on will always result in your death; Ninjas are trained for stealth, not for open conflict.

Archers– The second most common enemy you will face is the archer. Archers remain stationary at their post, and they’re quite often scattered throughout each stage on guard towers, raised platforms, or on tree branches. Archers are aware of movement in every direction and their bow allows them to use long-range attacks against whatever enemy they might spot; a good rule of thumb to use is, “if you can see them, they can see you”. Swift attacks are required if you want to take out an archer because of their enhanced awareness of their surroundings. The only opportunity afforded to you for an attack is the time it takes for the archer to draw his bow. Keep in mind that these archers always hit their mark, so you only have one chance to carry out a successful attack; this shouldn’t be a problem with a lone archer, but a grouping of 2 or more archers may pose a significant challenge. Nimble fingers are the only way to stay alive during those confrontations.

Knife Throwers– The most deadly of the common guards would have to be the knife throwers. These guards will fling a knife attached to a chain, and yank it back for a quick follow-up throw; combine this with a complete awareness of his surroundings, and you have a deadly anti-ninja unit. This guard will put you through a gauntlet of blades before you can ever reach him, so you have to carefully consider your approach before you commit yourself to action. The knife-thrower tends to attack, then jump to another platform before attacking again, then repeating this process until he has nowhere else to jump to. So far, the only known way to defeat this opponent is to move quickly and strike between one of his attacks.

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR


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