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Facebook Application

Facebook v52. Android APK Download – Facebook Application
Facebook Mobile Android Application with facebook displayed on mobile browsers and runs all the features of the site easier, more practical way and to manage application which allows you to use your mobile device. Lowering the figure of close to 1 billion Facebook android application is an indication that retains its popularity. Each update also further developed the mobile application itself, emerges with innovation at a time. When sharing your pleasures notification to occur when the message arrives on your device or on other social media interaction while also providing faster and more dynamic way to interact with your friends without breaking.
Our site will be continuously updated with Facebook android application. Those who use the Playstore or without the possibility of WiFi devices can install applications downloaded from our website by taking a picture. APK is attached will be updated continuously and will remain up to date. According to the actuality of APK links, updates will be available on the site by specifying actively with history.







Application Name: Facebook
Category: Android Programs
Application Type: Social Media
Release Date: 18.11.2015
Language: Turkish Size: 45.6 MB
Developer Company: Facebook
File Type: .apk