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Fallout Shelter Hack

Sorry for my last inactivity but studies absorbed most of my time. Today we have prepared for you Fallout Shelter Hack, who generate any quantity lunch boxes .Discussing the game it should be noted that it is very different from others of the production with “fallout” in the name.In the game, the emphasis is put on shelter management and development of the shelter.


As commander in chief of expanding our building, we set tasks population located there and take care of security. All these activities can be done easily and simply having the right amount of lunch box, which is a virtual currency, for which we buy the necessary equipment. Fallout Shelter Hack Tool security by bypassing the game gives us access to an unlimited number lunchbox, in a simple and safe way.

The game interested me very quickly and I spend a few hours with her daily. The game focuses on fending off enemy attacks on the building, the development of skills of residents and collecting materials produced by the community.

To survive we need food, water and energy, and we obtain them through the work of our comrades in built for this purpose special rooms. What is important, in power best suited to people with high physical strength (each with humanoids described some basic statistics), and the kitchen perfectly cope clever characters. Producing resources in each case takes a certain moment – waiting time can be accelerated by placing in the room properly trained person, or even completely overcome by the so-called “rush”. In contrast to many other items free-to-play finalizing the process is not subject to micropayments. Instead, we have the risk factor of the accident – if we fail, we just need eg. Put out the fire in the shelter. This carries considerable potential damage, but at the same time allows for a flexible approach to the game.

The game itself as well as our  Fallout Shelter Cheat  is available both for Android and iOS. This ensures that no matter which device you have the program will work properly.

To repel the invaders useful, of course, special equipment – weapons and armor that can be earned in two ways. The first is to send the form on exploratory missions – during them, although we do not observe the actions of a puppet directly, but we have a preview of his diary, which records all the actions and achievements clashes. While breaking through hordes of scorpions, bandits and the rest of the post-apocalyptic society from time to time we find caps (needed to construct additional rooms in the crypt and improve them) and said equipment. The second method involves obtaining special boxes / suitcases, which we randomly select a few cards. Under each of them they can hide additional resources or just equipment. From time to time they give to get them performing daily tasks (for example, gathered a hundred units of water), but less patient may also reach for their wallets and buy them with real money. The game must somehow pay for itself, and the system does not seem particularly obtrusive.