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Ghosts of Memories v1.0.2 Android

Ghosts of Memories v1.0.2 Android Apk FREE Mod Download
Hi guys. A mobile adventure game, offering a fun way to spend time with your Ghosts of Memories interesting and engrossing story and you love solving puzzles.

An adventure that you can play on your smartphones and tablets using the Android operating system – Ghosts of Memories puzzle game in which players they are visiting 4 different fantasy world. These worlds are inhabited by the ancient civilization, our roads be discovered and mysterious world filled with puzzles. The main objective of the players in the game to complete the task of thinking in a logical manner and against the adventures solving puzzles to advance through one by one. There is the story of the game is progressing quite engrossing manner noting benefits.

The Ghosts of Memories’re playing games with isometric camera angle. 2D and 3D graphics, the image quality of the game where a mixture can be said to be satisfactory. Voice and the background music of the game has also be given. FREE Apk: You can download and play our game on your Android phone and tablet form. Good luck. (Michael Admin)






Game Name: Ghosts of Memories
Category: Android Games Download
Game Type: Adventure
Release Date: 25.11.2015
Language: English
Size: 89.9 MB
Developer Company: Paplus International sp. z o.o.
File Type: .apk