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Guitar Hero Live Hack

The Guitar Hero franchise is staging a comeback tour this year, and but it’s looking like it’s anything but the same old song and dance. Unveiled today as Guitar Hero Live, Activision will be tapping FreeStyleGames, the studio responsible for the DJ Hero franchise, in a major reimagining of the dormant franchise.

Guitar Hero Live is a music video game developed by FreeStyleGames and published by Activision. It was released for PlayStation 3,PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in October 2015, with plans to bring the game to iOS devices including Apple TV at a later date.


The game serves as a reboot of the Guitar Hero franchise, being the first new entry in the series since Warriors of Rock in 2010.Guitar Hero Live introduces major changes to the core gameplay and experience of the Guitar Hero franchise, including a revampedguitar controller with a new, 6-fret layout, and a new in-game presentation style that utilizes full motion video to simulate a real-world concert setting from the perspective of the guitarist. A new GHTV mode encompasses curated playlists in the style of music televisionchannels, and forgoes the traditional use of downloadable content that previous Guitar Hero games had used in favor of the ability to earn or purchase on-demand “plays” of songs from an online library.


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Guitar Hero Live Hack is ditching the DLC model of music games past in favor of an intriguing new system.In the online Guitar Hero TV mode, players will be able to play unlimited songs from a number of channels hand-crafted by the developers at Freestyle Games. Like heavy metal? There will be a heavy metal channel filled with songs to explore. Prefer classic rock? You’ll have a playlist to enjoy.That’s all free of charge, and playing songs in the various playlists will earn players in-game currency. That currency can then be used to play an individual song from a massive list of tracks that will be continually updated throughout the game’s life.


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