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Is it legal to use Hacks and Bots in AdventureQuest Worlds and will my Account be safe?
While it is completely legal to cheat in any video game including multiplayer online games, it is against the Terms of Service of the game and therefore can potentially get you banned. However generally, unless you are running a bot army to sell accounts or gold, you will be fine. Just be nice, don’t annoy other players, don’t brag and you won’t get reported.

How much do AQ Worlds Bots and Hacks cost?
Your average browser multiplayer game bot or hack subscription will cost you around 10 to 30$ per month due to the fact that one needs programmers employed in order to keep them up to date and undetected over longer periods of time. However, prices depend on the provider.



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AdventureQuest Worlds Cheating Methods
There are several ways of getting around the rules and gaining significant advantages in AQ Worlds using several kinds of software, techniques and secret strategies. The most popular way of cheating in AQW and in almost any browser game or MMO in general is the use of bots in order to automate some of the tedious farming and leveling. Farming bots are programs that will take control of your whole character and either farm mobs for gold and experience, quest or perform other repetitive tasks to advance your character progression. There are also hacks for AQ Worlds. However, hacks are not as powerful as some people will make them out to be. While hacks can enable you to teleport, walk through obstacles or attack automatically, they cannot add money to your account or get you any kind of god mode (health and mana), since these values are processed on the server. Hacked clients for AQ worlds do exist, but are quite hard to find these days. Exploits are probably the most powerful way of leveling up and farming gold, since they offer limitless potential. However, exploits are bugs in the game and most of these bugs will not stay around for long. Since developers are constantly trying to patch any exploits, using public ones is associated with great risks. It is recommended that you use private exploits rather than public ones in order to avoid the risk of getting banned. There are also some other tchniques like account boosting, multiboxing and other techniques appliet to cheat in AQ worlds, but these are incredibly rare.

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