Battlefield Heroes General Cheating

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Battlefield Heroes General Cheating Methods
There are quite a bunch of cheating methods for this game that can potentially be used to great effect. However, some are easier to pull off than others. The most commonly used way of cheating is through software: Auto aiming software is able to aim at enemies automatically and even use triggerbots to shoot them, allowing you to farm a lot of experience, HP, Funds and VP. On the other hand there are 3D radar hacks or “chams” that will highlight enemies with boxes or color overlays, making it easy to find them, flank them or otherwise outplay them straight out. Another way of cheating is to exploit the “recruit a friend” system in order to get lots of Hero Points and Valor Points through signing up alternate accounts. There are even bots that will automatically create these alts using proxy servers. However, exploiting the refer-a-friend system is quite risky, since not many people are able to get hundreds of referrals natural and the developers know that. So this may just be the most risky way of getting money in BF Heroes. The last way of cheating involves working together with other people in order to farm. If a lot of people that know each other queue up for the same type of game in the same region and are placed in the same game, so called “farm servers” can be created where on team is consistently farming the other for points. This way it is actually possible to get to level 30 and get most of the important weapons, modifications and widgets within mere days. Hoever, the obvious problem is that you need to know a whole bunch of people that all want to cheat and have the time to do so. Aside from those there are some smaller and less practiced ways of cheating that cannot consistently be used.




BF Heroes Wallhacks and Aimbots Explained
So as we have already established there are cheats that will allow you to automatically aim and shoot enemies and also to see them through walls, called aimbots and 3D radar hacks. Now how do these work? Well you see in order to show you everything that is going on in the game, your PC has to know where every object on the map is. So essentially your machine knows where every single enemy player, vehicle, tank, plane ect is. Now by injecting some code into the game process we are able to use that information to our advantage. In this way it is possible to extract the coordinates of enemies and either highlight them or aim at them automatically. Now it should be quite easy to see how powerful this kind of cheat can be. Automatically aiming and shooting people at the press of a button is in fact the most powerful cheat available for BF Heroes. And that is also exactly why you need to be incredibly careful when using this kind of cheat. Unlike in single player games, your opponents here are aware of what you are doing and can detect if something is not right. And make no mistake about it, you will get reported if you are being obvious about using auto aiming software or wallhacks. Battlefield Heroes is a free to play game and therefore the admins will be quite glad to ban you if they feel you don’t belong in the game and are not spending any money. So try to be nice, use hacks with respect for the other players and don’t use outdated software, since that is usually an instabann.




Battlefield Heroes Hacks – Realities and Lies
Did your mom ever tell you that you must not believe everything that you find on the interent? – Well she was right. There are a lot of people out there in the far reaches of the web that will tell you that they have a magical program/hack/generator that will give you unlimited health, hero points, valor points, all the weapons and mods, unlimited funds ect. However, these kinds of hacks are quite impossible due to the fact that this is an online multiplayer shooter and not a singleplayer game. In online games the most important values, like your money and rank, are stored not on your PC, but on the servers of the publisher. In this case the values are stored on the Aeria Games servers and those can only be accessed and written to by the game admins. Sound logical so far? Well the only way to change your health value or fund values would be to hack into these servers, which would be illegal and could get you to prison.So maybe now it seems more logical to you that people claiming to have some kind of tool that can give you these cheats are scammers. So please do not fill in these peoples surveys… you would regret it. The reality about hacks is that aside from aimbots and ESPs all they can do is make you run a bit faster, fly and stuff like that. However, these physics hacks are very hard to come by, easily detected and not worth your time or money.

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