Habbo Coins Generator for 500 and more

Hey everyone , i recently create this great Habbo Coins Generator tool that allows you to generate any item or the amount of coins you want for your habbo, habbi or habbix (french version of the Habbo hotel).

The great thing about this habbo coins generator is that its totally safe and i used since it came out at the beginning of year 2014. I am playing Habbix since i am from France but you can use this new version of habbo hack on official english Habbo site as well.

At first i generated about 50-100 coins to make sure my account is safe and then i started using it for 500 and more.This habbo coins generator has a auto updater so if there is a new version it will automatically update you habbo coin generator to the latest version. I made this video for educational purpose and to help you enjoy your Habbo or Habbix game.

Habbo Coins Generator
Habbo Coins Generator

Habbo (previously known as Habbo Hotel) is a Finnish social networking service aimed at teenagers. The website is owned and operated by Sulake Corporation. The service began in 2000 and has expanded to include 11 online communities (or “hotels”), with users in over 150 countries. In August 2012, the site opened to users from Turkey. As of August 2011, over 230 million avatars have been registered. There are an average 10 million unique visitors monthly.


  • 1. Download file.
  • 2. Unrar and open file Habbo Coins Generator.exe
  • 3. Enter Your Habbo Username and Password.
  • 4. Enter The amount of coins you want- up to 50000 coins.
  • 5. Click “Give Coins“. ENJOY !
  • Habbo Coins Generator was successfully scanned by Virustotal.

Habbo Coins Generator for 500 and more Download

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