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Killing Floor Cheats and Exploits
As in any horde based shooter or PvP shooter, the use of aimbots and wallhacks is very popular amongst dedicated Killing Floor players. These cheats allow you to grind your perks to level 6 in next to no time and will allow you to play at much higher difficulty than usual, while achieving the same results. Sometimes groups of cheaters will even play together in order to farm even more quickly and without running the risk or getting reported. In the earlier days of the game, there were a whole variety of other kinds of cheats, such as teleporting hacks that allowed you to teleport throughout the maps and basically be invincible, noclip hacks that would allow you to hide within terrain and basically be invincible and even unlimited ammo was possible for some time. However, as the game got older, most of these very powerful exploits have been patched and no longer work at all. Since the game is mostly about teamwork and the fun that can be had from trying to fend off a huge horde of infected or specimens in this context, cheating is not quite as popular as in most player vs player shooters, but still popular enough for major providers to keep the software on the market.




Killing Floor Auto Aiming Bots (Software)
As the name leads to suspect, aimbots or auto aiming macros are programs that will automatically aim and shoot your guns, making it easy to get rid even of the most annoying of specimens, such as stalkers and sirens. Since the game is very much about being accurate and preserving ammo even in stressful situations where you may get cornered or attacked from all sides, auto aiming software is indeed the most powerful cheat you can get in this particular game. Now the way aiming software works is that the software will locate all enemies on the map, since the map and everything within it has to be rendered on your PC and then the software will simply let you bind a key or mouse button to a function that will automatically aim and lock on to the closest target in sight. Usually it is possible to set the aimbot to automatically shoot at that point (Triggerbot) or to disable that option and shoot manually. As you may imagine, this kind of cheat does not work well with every class. Here you want to go for ranged classes with good accuracy and lots of ammo in order to be most effective. So running a commando with an M4 or AK47 will be quite effective, while running a Berserker may be a lot less effective. Mot aimbots will allow you to set the bot to only aim for heads, so all you need is a gun that will kill fast when aiming for the head and has lots of ammo. Shoarpshooters and Commandos usually make the best use of aiming scripts, since their loadouts offer them the best weapons for headshots. However, you need to be careful when playing with others, since the default setting of most software will make it blatantly obvious that you are a cheater. Try to get a bot that allows you to smoothen aiming, liming aiming angles and set delays for your trigger if at all possible to mask your shady activities.




Wallhacks / ESPs for Killing Floor
Another kind of cheat that is pretty straight forward: The wallhack essentially works very similarly to the aiming script in that it locates any Specimens and Players on the map. However, instead of aiming at the objects, it will highlight them, usually using colored boxes, making it easy for you to see where your enemies are and when to expect them coming around a corner to bite your head off. While this kind of exploit is certainly much more effective in games where your opponents are controlled by actual humans with brains, it is still quite nice to know where all your team mates and enemies are at any time, especially on higher difficulty levels. ESP hacks can also highlight weapons and ammo drops on the map, which is maybe the best reason to use them, since that is literally money (them British pounds tho) lying around on the streets. Another nice thing about wallhacks is that it will make stealthed (invisible) enemies visible and easy to get rid of.

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