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SWTOR Cheats,
Cheats on Star Wars: The old Republic are mostly ways of either level up your characters faster, grinding resources faster or earn credits faster. There are also cheats that are specifically made for PvP if you are looking to advance in that direction, but they are much harder to come by, since the main part of the game is the PvE. There are ways of cheating in SWTOR that are aided by software, such as hacks, bots and some exploits and there are cheating techniques that do not require any software, such as duping, merchant exploits ad others. No matter what kind of cheat you are using, you will always want to be careful not to be obvious about it or to harm your fellow players. Our goal is to cheat to have fun not to ruing games or other people’s fun.

SWTOR Cheats

Bots are programs that are running on your computer and taking over your character. Bots can be used to perform almost any kind of task to aid you in your leveling, farming, crafting and even PvP. Bots are able to follow pre-recorded routes and farm mobs along the way, loot them and even sell items. Bots can also be set to send your companions on missions and perform other kinds of class specific tasks. In Star Wars: The Old Republic farming bots are the most popular kind of automated script used. Farming bots will help you level up fast by farming experience automatically, get rich by collecting lots of credits and they will also help you craft awesome gear by collecting materials. Bots can be used along with any class, but ranged classes are most effective to farm quickly and they will also get stuck a lot less often.

Since most bot software does not change the way the game works, but only reads its memory and inputs commands based on that, they are undetectable. The only way you can get banned when using bot scripts, is if other players report you manually. So make sure that you configure your scripts correctly and in suck a way that then not only seem human, but also don’t get stuck. Most professional SWTOR gamers are running some kind of bot on their main or alternative accounts, since it eliminates a lot of the grind that is required to be a good player in SWTOR.

SWTOR Bots 3

Hacks are software that injects code into your game that is not meant to be there in order to add functionality to the game that you would not usually be able to access. They are very similar to mods, except for the fact that they do give you an advantage over other players. Hacks in Star Wars: The Old Republic Online can allow you to walk through walls and other obstacles, fly around the map, teleport short distances, jump insanely high, see enemies through walls, run faster and a lot more. Hacks are in their nature detectable, since they change the software running on your PC, so make sure that the software you are using is up to date before using it. Hacks are most effective in the SWTOR PvP mode, since it can give you that competitive edge over your opponents. Hacks will give you the ability to gain an advantageous position quickly, especially if used on ranged classes. But be careful not to use then carelessly: If other players notice that you are cheating, they will report you quite quickly and that will endanger your account.

SWTOR Cheats, SWTOR Bots, SWTOR Hacks


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