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Hawken Cheats,
Cheating in Hawken is the use of any and all non-rule conform methods in order to farm Levels, Hawken Credits (blue), Meteor Credits (red) and upgrades / unlocks faster than normal players. There are various ways of cheating ranging from hacked servers, grinding matches to methods that can be executed alone: Aimbots, Walhacks (ESP Hacks), Glitching and a lot more. Some of these cheats require the cooperation of other players, the running of multiple accounts, the use of software or even more advanced techniques. The most popular and wide spread way of cheating in Hawken is however the use of hacks, such as aimbots (auto aiming software) and wallhacks: These are pieces of software that are run on your PC and influence the way the game works. Hacks are in their nature detectable and one should generally be very picky about what hacks to use. Especially if you have invested a lot of time to unlock mechs, weapons and other gadgets, using a detected hack will get your account banned and you will essentially lose all the progress you made. For that exact reason we recommend that you use paid hacks that are not public and very hard to get banned for if used correctly. We also urge our members to cheat is such a way as not to be obvious or even to help other players: Not only is this way of cheating more fun and fulfilling, but it also protects the games we love to play.

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Hawken Aimbots (Auto Aiming Tools)
As in any online shooter on the market, the game map has to be rendered on your computer in order for the game to be able to display the action to you correctly. This can be exploited in order to not only locate enemies, but also to aim at them automatically, once you have line of sight on them. The conventional aimbot will allow you to bind a key to the automatic aiming function. So you hold down the aimbot key and the program automatically aims at the closest enemy. Some aimbots will allow you to configure a triggerbot that will then automatically shoot, once the target is acquired and aimed on. While auto aiming cheats are incredibly powerful for farming kills and assists, they are also incredibly obvious and if abused will lead to a lot of report and potential ban for the users account. High-quality software will allow you to configure and limit the aiming speed, the delay before triggering and the angle of aiming. – These options will allow you to blend in with other players and hiding your cheat from other Hawken players. If used correctly an aimbot user cannot possibly be differentiated form a really good player. So keep it sane, don’t shoot for 1000 kills and just use your brain to determine when you have gone too far. Cheaters that don’t use their gray matter will usually get banned quite quickly. As always we recommend that you subscribe to a paid aimbot, since free software is not only incredibly hard to find, but also gets detected very quickly, putting your Hawken account at risk. The best aimbots out there are even able to aim at any Mechs Weak Spot, making kills even easier.

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Hawken ESP Wallhacks
The ESP Hack (aka Wallhack) allows the user to see enemy mechs, turrets and other important objects through walls and other objects. The Wallhacks works the same was that the aimbot does in that they locate enemies on the map and use that information. The ESP hack uses the information to highlight objects and display advanced information that other players are not able to see: Hence the name Extrasensory Perception Hack. ESPs are able to display enemies, rockets, turrets, spawn points orbs, enemy health, if someone is repairing, enemy Mech type, weapons and a lot more. Wallhacks are generally a lot cheaper than aimbots and a lot more fun to play with. The wallhack will give you a huge tactical advantage over your opponents in Hawken, without taking all the skill out of the gameplay. So instead of just holding down a key and walking around, you are still required to flank, dodge, aim and just generally apply technique. In my opinion this is the cheat to use in Hawken if you want to have fun even over long periods. While aimbots will get boring quite quickly and essentially take all the challenge out of the game, ESPs retain the fun aspect of the game and still help you perform a lot.

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