Heroes of Camelot hack gems,gold,tickets for ios and android

Heroes of Camelot hack – gems,gold,tickets for ios & android
Heroes of Camelot is an “RPG Multiplayer Battle Card Game”, a Collectible Card Game which incorporates a number of features from various similar titles. There are a plethora of free-to-play CCGs on the App Store, and at first blush it would appear that Heroes of Camelot is yet another variation of this genre. However, where Heroes of Camelot stands out from the other titles is its impressive artwork. The cards are beautifully illustrated and well designed, making reading the stats on them quick and easy.

In order to gain cards, you level up through exploring the world of Camelot and its surrounding areas – the south western corner of England. As your questing progresses through the map, new areas become unlocked, each with a different backdrop. However, the same repetitive technique applies: explore, fight bosses and collect potions and gold. Fighting bosses requires various amounts of mana per card and exploring/questing requires stamina. Although both gradually refill over time, you can refill faster by collecting potions while exploring or buying them in the in-game gem shop. Bear in mind that gems cost real money through in-app purchases. Whilst IAP does help you progress in the single player campaign, it isn’t essential if you put some effort into crafting a decent deck. This is a big win for me, as I’m really not a fan of overpriced IAP in a pay-to-win model. That being said, the prices for gems in the shop are a bit scarey!

Heroes of Camelot hack
Heroes of Camelot hack


5 stars review of Heroes of Camelot hack:

“There are two types of people as you get to the late game stuff: those who grind for their cards, and those who straight up paid. If you’re willing to grind, you don’t have to pay anything to get good cards you just need a lot of patience. The prices are pretty high for the in app purchases but for a good reason. You don’t want people with overpowered decks when they only spent a buck or two. “
“Great game. Very addictive. Don’t really see a story line but great card. Awesome graphics and nice card combinations. “
“Amazing game, but can you please make the arena battles more random, I keep getting the same players all the time, but it is a amazing game. Also will there be new cities and areas?”
“Fun and addictive. Different levels of play make it timeless. Been playing for months, and still love this game! The social aspect works.”

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With Heroes of Camelot hack you can add:

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