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Heroes of Order & Chaos Hack for Runes

Heroes of Order & Chaos Hack for Runes, Coins, Double XP, and Unlimited Health

When you play Heroes of Order & Chaos, you will soon realize how much you need Runes, Coins, Double XP, and Unlimited Health to continue battling in this game. You can choose to purchase the runes through the in-app purchasing option, but you must use real money to do this, and that can get expensive quickly.

The hack for Heroes of Order & Chaos allows you to get unlimited amounts of runes, coins, health, and you can also get double XP points. This tool can be used if you are running Heroes of Order & Chaos on iOS or Android, and this tool is completely free. You can download the hack for Heroes of Order & Chaos right here on the AGC website for free.

Once you download the tool, you will be able to look at the settings menu, and the instructions are found below.


The hack will install automatically once you download it. You will first need to choose which type of device you are using to play Heroes of Order & Chaos, such as Android or iOS. You will then have to manually enter the amount of runes, coins, XP, and health that you want to add to your game account.

Simply hit “Start” to begin the hack once you have put in all the needed information. The hack will only take about 30 seconds. After the hack is complete, you can open the Heroes of Order & Chaos app, then you will see the runes, coins, health, and double XP have been added to your account. You will then be able to play the game without running out of runes, health, and coins!

Heroes of Order & Chaos Cheats and Tips

Pay attention to the lottery button on the main menu. It will have a notification icon when you have a free spin, which you can do once every eight hours. Check your free spin often to get consumables, tablets and hero fragments for free.

Try to focus on just one or two Heroes before playing them all. Mastering a Hero will increase your in game knowledge faster than trying out the whole cast.

If your Hero dies while in game and you have a respawn rune, use it immediately after you die instead of waiting a few seconds to ensure you get the best value out of it.

Use your items wisely! – Don’t use time based items like the great fortune potion or Seeker’s Insight if you’re busy later, make sure you have a lot of free time to seriously grind some games.

Check your talents before each game. Make sure you’re using Fighter talents if you’re playing a damage dealer, Mage talents for spell heavy characters, Guardians talents for big guys who can take a lot of damage, and Support talents if you’re playing a healer.

Heroes of Order & Chaos Review

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting much when downloading Heroes of Order & Chaos. The MOBA genre has been tried before on mobile and has failed spectacularly. But where others have fallen, Heroes of Order & Chaos keeps its head held high. The control system is what makes this game work, players have a choice of using either a joystick type setup using the left side of their device, or an RTS type setup where players tap onto where they want their Hero to go. The joystick setup for me worked a treat, the movement felt very responsive, and in a game where a half a second late response could snowball into a win or loss, it’s much appreciated.

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2(two) Download Links Available:
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