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IOS MOD League Of Gamers: Games Tycoon MOD

IOS MOD League Of Gamers: Games Tycoon V1.3.2 MOD
iName: League of Gamers: Games Tycoon Hack Mod for iOS

  • Bundle ID:
  • iTunes Store Link: ‎League of Gamers: Games Tycoon
  • Version: 1.3.2
  • Internet required: YES
  • Size: 44.71 Mb
  • Categories: Entertainment Game
  • Price: Free

League of Gamers: Games Tycoon Hack Features:

  1.  Free IAP/Free Store

Credits: ??? 

Game Description

This is your origin story as the most legendary player in e-sport history! Rise from small local competitions to full-blown game-paloozas around the world, displaying your champion tapping talents like a real gaming pro!


• WIN small competitions to rise through the E-Sports ranks and take on bigger challenges around the world!

• PLAY and master genres like MOBA, FPS, Strategy and Sport and defend your ranking as Top Gamer!

• BUILD a killer squad, recruiting only the best e-athletes to join you on your quest. Guide them to greatness and feel the rush of ganking on your competitors with a kickass team!

• BUFF your setup to champion level, taking your computer and gaming gear to god-tier levels of awesomeness to keep your winning streak fired-up!

• BOOST your e-sports prowess with different relics that will drive your foes to ragequit matches in frustration!

• BATTLE squads and top pro gamers from all corners of the world and live the dream of every e-athlete ever: getting rich while gaming all day!

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2(two) Download Links Available:
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