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Island Experiment Hack for Gold & Gems

If you are playing the game Island Experiment, then you know that gems and gold are really important to help you get the items you need to progress in the game. You can purchase gold and gems through the app store, but these items cost real money, and that often adds up after just a couple purchases.


That is why we here at HackCrackInjector.comhave decided to add Island Experiment to our hack database, which gives you all of these items for free.

Check out the image below and you will see how easy the hack tool is to use. The options menu is where you enter the amounts of gems and gold that you want to add to your gaming account.

First, download the free Island Experiment hack tool, which takes 20 seconds, and then wait another 20 seconds while it automatically installs. Select either iOS or Android depending on which device you are using to play the game. Then, you can enter the amounts of gems and gold that you want to add.

Press on “Start” when you are ready, and the hack tool will begin, which takes about 30 seconds to complete. Once that is done, simply open up the game on your device and you will see the items have already been added to your game.

Island Experiment Cheats and Tips

Progress through the quests that the game gives you. By doing so, you will unlock more of the story and get closer to finding out what’s up with this island. It’ll make the game more interesting and you might find yourself spending more time on the game. Take that for what you will, whether that’s a good thing or not!


📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

This game requires you to build to survive as the priority. Look to upgrade your farms to the maximum level before doing anything so that you will always have a good supply of food to get through the game. Don’t underestimate how much food you will need in this game. Island Experiment basically runs on food. The game tutorial may lead you through when to upgrade your food plots, but the game kind of tricks you into running out of food that way. So just amke sure that you will always have enough food to cover you through your journey. To prevent any of that happening, simply upgrade your food plots to maximum level as soon as possible.


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