LEGO Ninjago Tournament Hack

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LEGO Ninjago Tournament Hack for Gold & Health

The action-adventure game, LEGO Ninjago Tournament, is so much fun, but you need so much health and gold to progress in the game. The app store has gold and health that you can purchase, but this will cost you real money, and most people find these items are too expensive to keep buying through the app store. If you would like to get the gold and health for free, then you need to check out our LEGO Ninjago Tournament hack tool.

If you take a peek at the image below, you will see how easily the hack tool works, since all you do is enter the amounts of gold and health you want right there on the options menu.


Download our free LEGO Ninjago Tournament hack tool right here from the website, which takes around 30 seconds, and then it will take about 20 seconds to automatically install. Once that is done, select iOS or Android, and then enter the amounts of gold and health you want to add to your gaming account.

When you are ready to begin, press “Start” to begin the LEGO Ninjago Tournament hack tool, and this takes no more than 30 seconds to finish. Then, open up the app on your device as normal and the items will have already been added to your account. Using our free LEGO Ninjago Tournament hack tool lets you get the items you need without ever spending money in the app store.

Our Own Tips & Tricks

Dodging can be pretty tricky but it’s a must. Enemy bosses will have special attacks that really need to be evaded from because they will hurt a lot.


Complete the Daily Challenges because that’s the only way you get LEGO Coins and you really need them.

In Tournaments there are random events that can occur. For example the Boulder Blaster that strikes with rockets from the sky or the Dragon that spits freezing bombs on the battlefield. Be careful to dodge and try to lure your opponents into them to make your job easier.


Every boss encounter from the game is scripted which means that you need to learn his pattern and special moves in order to know how to defeat him. Repetition is the key.

Don’t spend Studs on skin variations for different characters. They don’t bring anything new beside visual changes and they are totally not worth it.


📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

Even though each character level-up gets you small bonuses (extra HP, extra damage, new weapons), it also increases the difficulty of the opponents. Keep that in mind

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

There is more than one Special Move in-game. Most of the characters have Spinjitzu as their special move but there are also some other special moves like: Charge Attack, Air Strike, Overload, Toxic Cloud, Boost, Angry-Shouts and so on. Find one that matches your play style and enjoy the game.


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