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Home » Hacks » mpBattlearena v1.5 : Pvp afk

mpBattlearena v1.5 : Pvp afk

mpBattlearena v1.5 : Pvp afk

Hey guys !

I just updated my battle arena afk bot !
This bot is Afking in battle arena. Prevents logout and restarts a game everytime one ends.
It enables you earn XP and eventually get battle box.
You can be banned, I’m not responsible, use at your own risks.

Requierments :
AutoHotKey (last version I guess)

Keys functions :
numpad1 : start/stop on active window
numpad2 : Change moving mode (unmoving, ZQSD, WASD)
numpad3 : Get restart button position
numpad4 : Exit app

How it works ?
Download and start the script as administrator
Start as many trove as you want and put it in windowed, low quality (for performance issues). Also set up your keys for attacking, and throwing spells at F2 F3 F4 and F5 (Attack on F2) if you are not using the unmoving version (set those up as secondary hotkeys, CF Screenshot).
Now enter a battle arena.
Select which mode you want by pressing numpad3 (I suggest keeping on “unmoving” until you have activated all your window)
You can press numpad1 while you are in-game to start the bot. You should be now able to leave the window
Once it’s done you should be able to afk!
Press numpad1 again to stop it on the active window

What if….? :
-This is not clicking the restart button at the scoreboard.
Click on the trove window, point at the restart button with your mouse and press numpad3, then press YES. It sould update the button positions. I highly recommand restarting the script after.

-It restarted a game but it get stuck at “Waiting for players”.
This is a game issue, I can’t help with it

How do you get this ?
Download the attachment or copy and paste the source code in a text file then rename it to .ahk

/!The window must be active !