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My Railway Hack for Gold & Silver

You might be sitting there playing My Railway wondering how to get more gold and silver to get items you need. You can purchase silver and gold through the app store, but it costs real money, and this is something that gets expensive quickly. If you want to get the gold and silver for free, then you need to download our free hack tool, which gives you unlimited amounts of these items at no cost, and it’s safe for Android and iOS.

Check out the image below and you will see how the My Railway hack tool is setup. You just input the amounts of gold and silver you want to add to your gaming account by using the options menu.


To get the gold and silver, simply download our free hack tool from the website, and the download should take about 30 seconds. The hack automatically installs on your device, and takes around 20 seconds to finish. You then need to select either iOS or Android depending on the device you are using, and then just input the amounts of gold and silver you would like to add to your Indestructible account.

Click on “Start” to begin the hack tool when you are ready, and this could take 45 seconds. Once the My Railway hack tool as finished, you can open the game on your device, and you will notice that the silver and gold have been added to your account. You will be able to enjoy the game more since you will not have to worry about buying any gold or silver through the app store.

My Railway Cheats and Hints

Watch out for mischievous characters like those pesky bandits and trolls. Bandits will try to rob your trains, forcing you to turn to the local Sherif for help which will cost some gold, and the troll will also show up periodically along your tracks and cause a ruckus by blocking your rail lines. Unfortunately, the only way to send him away is by parting with some precious silver.


Don’t sell your items in a town where the price is low. It’s easy to tell how an item is fairing in the market by looking at the price icon above them, and noting whether it’s up or down.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

Keep a sharp eye out for any birds flying over your towns. Birds show up randomly in the game, and tapping them earns you silver, and goes towards completing certain achievements too. Smaller birds are quicker, but are worth more points.


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