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Nippy’s Mass Join Me

Nippy’s Mass Join Me

This is made by request.

What this script does is types /joinme name for each name on the list.

What it wont do is if you are multi clienting it will not tab or search between each client and hit the join button. Sorry but as of now I have yet to find a way to do controlsend click. I am still looking in to this but as of now it wont do it. And the whole taping between window is not a vary good idea.


How to use:
First you need a list of users.
Type out each username in the box below the list and hit add

If you want to remove or correct a miss spelled name double click the name. It will remove it from the list and add it to the edit box.
you can also select the name and then hit Remove selected.

Once you have your list go back in to the trove client and hit F5.

It will then /joinme username of each client on the list.