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PB Hack

Project Blackout Cheats
While you are definitively able to use cheats in Project Blackout (Point Blank), the most significant cheats are already integrated in the game in the form of the ACT or Advanced Combat Training tree. – All you really need to do is to collect enough Experience (EXP) to unlock the “cheats”. But on serious note: There are hacks and aimbots that allow you to farm EXP and Credits in PB a lot faster than other players and there is also the possibility to work together with other players to create so called “farming servers” where you all play together and feed each other constantly. Wallhacks, other kinds of Hacks and aimbots are in their nature detectable, so caution is advised if you are downloading some random free hack out there on the internet. Not only are there many fakes out there, but these kinds of hacks are very easily accessible and therefore will get detected and banned pretty quickly. Free hacks usually have a lifetime between a few days and maybe one or two weeks. An alternative is offered by paid hacks: In this case you are joining a private club that have exclusive access to a high-quality hack that the anti-cheat developers have no access to and that is maintained by professionals. Whether you want to take the risky or the saver road to hacking in Project Blackout is your decision. However if you are looking for the best paid hacks out there, you can find them in our reviews and legit providers lists.

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Point Blank Aimbots and ESP Wallhacks
Both aimbots and wallhacks function in much the same way: Since your PC has to know where enemies are on the map to display the game to you accurately, we are able to inject code into the game that allows us to locate the enemy positions. – This allows us on one hand to automatically aim and shoot enemies using aimbots and triggerbots and on the other hand it allows us to highlight enemy positions on the screen and map in a wallhack. These kinds of cheats are obviously very powerful since they do not only give you easy kills, but also the tactical awareness that you need to easily set them up. Aimbots will allow you to constantly farm top EXP and Credits in every match and therefore to unlock more skills and weapons ect. These kinds of code injection hacks are detectable and you should be careful when using free hacks in Project Blackout, since you are not the only person using the hack and the fact that the people trying to get rid of you are having just as easy access to the software as you. Generally it is advisable to go with a paid hack instead in order to protect your account and all the time, effort and money you invested into it. Paid aimbots and ESP hacks will also provide extra features that not only allow your to make your aimbot seem more human, but also to see if people are seeing you or aiming at you and usually some other very powerful features, such as no recoil and no spread hacks. Also please keep in mind to use these kinds of hacks should be used to help new players and not to dominate whole games. As anti-cheating software gets to be more advanced, mor and more annoying cheaters will get banned and it is important that you find joy in helping people, rather than stacking up huge kill streaks. – This is the best security measure against bans that you are able to take in this game. Also try to hide your cheats, since even if the cheating software you are using is undetected, people can still report you manually.

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Other PB Client Side Hacks
There are also some other hacks that are potentially possible in Project Blackout, such as teleport hacks that allow you to teleport within a map, noclip hacks that allow you to walk and shoot through walls and the already mentioned no spread and no recoil hacks to set your recoil to 0 and eliminate bullet spread on your weapons. The most popular of these is the one that allows you to walk through walls, since it kind of acts as a kind of god mode, allowing you to shoot people from underneath the map without being targetable yourself. However, keep in mind that other hack users can still easily kill you even if you are using this kind of cheat, so it is not exactly an unlimited health cheat in the traditional sense.

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