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Pororo Penguin Run Hack for Coins & Gems

Pororo Penguin Run is an endless runner game that you will find is pretty fun and addictive, but you will find out that you need a lot of gems and coins to get through the game. If you are like most people, you cannot afford to purchase these items through the app store, since that costs real money. If this sounds like you, then you need to download our free Pororo Penguin Run hack tool.

Take a peek at the image shown below to see just how simple the Pororo Penguin Run hack tool is to use. All you need to do is enter the amount of gems and coins that you would like to add right there in the options menu.


First, download the free Pororo Penguin Run hack tool, which is found right here on our website, and this should take no more than 30 seconds. You then need to wait about 20 seconds while it automatically installs. After that, you need to select either Android or iOS, and you will then be able to enter the amounts of gems and coins that you would like to have on your Pororo Penguin Run account.

Lastly, you need to press on “Start” so that the hack tool can begin working, and this should take about 30 seconds. You then can open up Pororo Penguin Run on your device, and you will see that the coins and gems have already been added to your account, and is ready for you to use.

Pororo Penguin Run Cheats and Tips

One important aspect of the game is getting a good helper when you first start out the game. Go to the page where you can change the helper that you have for 50 gems, which are given to you when you download the game and get a random helper to help you in the game. The most rare helpers will grant players extra rewards when they play with that helper, so getting a good helper is of the utmost importance in Pororo Penguin Run and helps players to make progress a lot quicker than people who don’t have a good helper. All of the good helpers grant a Double Jump capability which allow players to actually double jump. This will allow players to avoid having to touch the ground for a longer time and will save them from many situations where they would otherwise lose a bunch of time. Currently, the only helpers who offer a double jump are Nyao, Harry, and Old Clock. If you don’t manage to get the right helper that you want, you should restart the game by uninstalling and reinstalling the game. The way that you can do this on the Android, is by going to settings and then moving to apps so that you can clear the data without uninstalling the game. However, on the iOS, you will have to uninstall the game and reinstall the game. Yes, the helper is that important that you should be reinstalling the game if you don’t manage to get the right helper. The right helper can make the difference between an easier game where you can get higher scores and not doing too well at the game. If you don’t want to uninstall the game and waste your time, you will have to use a couple of bucks in real cash to get some more gems by purchasing them through the game store. Then, you can have a couple of re-rolls for the helper and you will most likely get one of the better helpers as long as you keep re-rolling.


📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

If you want to try and get some coins and gems for free without having to spend your hard earned money, you can go through the shop area and you will be given some optional tasks that could take some time in order to complete and you will be able to earn a couple of coins and gems per task. Some of the tasks will be doing a survey or having to download a game or watch a video. Each task has a different amount of coins and gems awarded to you, but I don’t recommend doing any tasks that give you coins because you can just earn those coins through the game. Additionally, you will be able to get a couple of rewards as long as you log in everyday without fault. If you do this, your rewards will stack up and you will gain more rewards for logging in the next day. If you have purchased some gems or you have enough gems to spare and you need more coins, you can use the coin doubler that will change your gems into coins so that you can use them to upgrade your power-ups.


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