Hello everybody, this is the newest version of my external hack. I rebuilt it from the ground up, it’s far better than the previous versions.

I hope everyone enjoys!

New Stuff:

  • Visibility Check (BSP Parsing)
  • Entire hack recoded
  • Cheat functions now run in different threads
  • Esp is prettier
  • Autoshoot
  • Ignore Team


  • BSP Parsing isn’t always reliable
  • The overlay may not work if windows aero is disabled
  • This cheat is a heavy work in progress
  • Vac Status: Undetected
  • Lua Anticheat Status: Undetected

1. Open GMod and join a server
2. Open Project Vapor.exe
3. Press a key to bind the aimbot (can be changed later in the menu)
4. Press insert to toggle menu
5. Navigate menu with arrow keys