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Quake Live Cheats
As we all know Quake 3 Arena and Quake Live has always been about skill and learning in order to be good at the game. – No progression, no unlocks, no hats and no other weird features. Quake is about who has learned the maps the best, has the best aim and reflexes and about nothing else except fun of course. Now cheating in Quake Live is essentially the use of any kind of technique, exploit, software or other tool that allows you to do things that are not part of the official stock game and its rule set. However, since there are not really any unlocks and no grind involved in QL, we do not recommend that you use any cheats in this game. This game features an unbelievably fair business model and some of the most hardcore, fair and enjoyable gameplay in all of online shooter history. However, this is an educational website and you want to know what cheats there are for Quake Live so let’s get to it: As in any online FPS there are your usual aimbots that aim for you automatically and usually also include a triggerbot that shoots automatically. Obviously this kind of cheat is probably the most powerful cheat you will ever see in QL. Then there are ESP hacks or wallhacks that will make it possible for you to see through walls, see your enemies health, weapons and if they can see you. Alongside these very standard cheats for shooters, there is also talb about teleport hacks, noclips (walking through walls) and speedhacks, but we never saw any working examples of those up to date.

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Quake Live Aimbots
Again we do not recommend that you use any kind of auto aiming software in QL, since the game is really most fun if you really master it. Aimbots are software that automatically aims and shoots for you, as the name would suggest. Aimbots exploit the way the game is processed on your PC (graphics) in order to find certain objects on the map, such as enemy players, locate them and automatically aim at them. Now since Quake is one of the most fast-paced shooters out there, right alongside games like Tribes Ascend, aimbots are quite effective if used correctly. However, it should be obvious that aimbots will not be 100% accurate when used on a gun that features any kind of bullet travel time, such as the rocket launcher, the grenade launcher, the BFG10k or the Plasma Gun. Aimbots are most effective on hitscan weapons that hit almost instantly, such as the lovely Railgun, Lightning Gun, Shotgun and even the Machine Gun. The more instantly a projectile hits, the more accurate the aimbot is. Obviously the auto aim will still be fairly effective in close quarter combat if the bullets don’t have to travel for miles. Aimbots usually allow you to bind a key to the aiming function and as soon as you hold down the key, the software will automatically lock you r crosshairs on the closest target, allowing you to either fire manually or outsource this process to a so called “triggerbot” that fires for you. This kind of cheat is very easily detected in Quake Live because the game features a very adult and savvy community and aiming is incredibly difficult in this game due to the fact that everyone is always on the move (everyone that is not a n00b anyways) and bunny hopping, teleporting and boosting around the map. If you want to use an auto aiming cheat in this game, make sure it is a high-quality one that slows or smoothens your aiming or people will quickly realize that you are a bad apple and report you.

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Quake Live ESP Wallhacks
ESP = Extrasensory Perceptin Hacks or “Wallhacks” as they are called are cheats that allow you to see enemies through walls and other terrain, giving you a huge tactical advantage over them. These cheats do exploit the same technique that is used in aimbots, but this time simply to extract information and display it to you. Your usual wallhack for Quake Live will be able to display to you enemy and allied positions, their health, armor, ammo, weapons, distance if people are seeing you and if people are aiming at you. Having all this information is quite effective in almost any online shooter, but in Quake where situational awareness and outmaneuvering your opponents is more important than in most games, it is even more effective. Generally I do call ESPs the “fun kind of aimbot”, since they are just that much more fun to play with than auto aiming software. While auto aim really does take a lot of skill out of the game and leaves you not feeling the challenge and reward that comes with it, the ESP still maintains the challenge achievement while also giving you a huge edge over your competition. ESP ahcks for Quake Live will also be able to show you the weapon, armor, health and other pickup locations and the spawn time of these pickups and anyone that ever played quake knows how powerful this information is. These hacks should work for all game modes no matter if people turn certain features on or off so you will be able to ESP hack even in hardcore competitive matches.

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