Rival Knights hack free gems

Rival Knights hack free gems & coins

Rival knights is a brand new jousting game from the popular developer – Gameloft. The aim of the game is pretty simple – knock your opponent of their horse. Its pretty addictive too. What is interesting is that Gameloft are allowing you to download the app and play for free. Its true that the developer isn’t exactly known for offering free games however and you can rest assured that they will be making money from it (more on this later).

Rival Knights hack free gems & coins

Gameplay is dead simple. As you charge down the jousting range you have to tap the touchscreen at the right time to increase your speed. You are then presented with a slow motion sequence where you have to aim your spear at the designated kill zone on your opponent. This can be anywhere from the chin to shoulder. If your lucky enough to get a perfect hit then you will be rewarded with more loot.

Rival Knights is one of those games that is visually appealing, fun to play and has that addictive draw that keeps things from growing stale too quickly. Game mechanics are simple enough but the pace of the game makes their simplicity somewhat challenging.

5 stars reviews for “Rival Knights hack free gems & coins“:

“Fantastic One of the best and most addictive games I have played by far. Graphics are stunning, speed is amazing on the Galaxy S4. Game doesn’t devour data like some games do. It really gives the feeling of “A Knight’s Tale” movie. I definitely urge people to try this game out. “
“Gorgeous and mindless fun As always, the IAP is a bit much for me but the game itself is well designed and beautiful. I’ll throw some $ at it because of that for sure. “
“This is how I want all games to be.Except few little bugs have excellent graphics and sounds,good gameplay,no force to buy gems or coins,very easy to raise coins and gems,easy to progress in game,you can play when you wont,when I exit don’t continue to work in background like others games and works perfect even in my old device.All respect for Gameloft Montreal!”
“This is an awesome game. Never been more happy with a game like this. I like how your seals generate so fast. “

Rival Knights hack free gems & coins

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Rival Knights hack free gems & coins

Features of Rival Knights hack:

*unlimited gems (like “Barrel of Gemstone” or “Chest of Gemstones”)
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