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Road To Dragons Hack Cheat

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Road to Dragons starts with players selecting a type of hero (complete with differentiating attributes to match particular playstyles) and then moving through a few tutorial missions to get them firmly educated on the mechanics. In any given level, players have their hero progress across a map by selecting one of eight tiles, each of which can draw a particular path on the map for the hero to follow. If the path intersects with a treasure chest or an enemy, players will pick up loot or enter a fight respectively. The goal of any particular level is to reach a specified distance and defeat a boss dragon at the end.


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Using this Road to Dragons Hack and Cheats, players can easily generate infinite Crystals and coins on the game on their devices.Road to Dragons occurs in a post-cataclysmic world that is been invaded by dragons (surprise). Most of the activity in Road to Dragons occurs on battle fields peppered with monsters and treasure boxes. You go towards the way out by choosing from one of eight Tetris-design contours that decide the route you choose.


  • Add unlimited Coins
  • Add unlimited Rainbow Crystals
  • Add Unlimited Golds
  • Add Unlimited Stamina
  • Compatible with all devices
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