Runes of Magic Hacks

Runes of Magic cheats and exploits
In Runes of Magic cheats are mainly used to farm items, gold or experience without the player actively playing. While most cheats require software, such as bots and hacks, some can be done without the use of any software. These are usually glitches in-game that can be used to duplicate items or obtain free items, due to the unstable and traceable nature of these cheats they are not recommend to use. Cheats are used in Runes of Magic to avoid having to grind to reach the point in the game you want. Bots can also be used to automate certain tasks such as dispelling or PVP. Most cheats are safe to use so long as you do not show them to other players, some players will not enjoy you not having to work as hard as them to earn the items they have and will report you if you make your cheating obvious. Runes of Magic also has many hacks, ranging from speed hacks to auto-line of sight hacks. Other players are almost guaranteed to report you if they catch you using these hacks, so caution is necessary to make sure you do not get banned.




Runes of Magic Bots
Bots are programs that follow a script (what determines how a bot behaves) to automate a task in-game without the player having to play. Using your in-game co-ordinates to move you about the world, bots can automate many tasks, levelling your character, farming for a certain item, grinding PVP and even collecting gold by selling items on the auction house. This allows you to earn gold or finally grind for that item you’ve always wanted while you watch TV. New scripts are made to make sure the bots are consistently farming the best items/locations. Certain bots also have a GM (Game Master) detection system that will modify your characters behaviour if a GM is nearby so you do not get banned. Beyond grinding, bots could be used to auto-dispel if your class has the ability available or to automate your class’ spell rotation

Usually running a bot will not allow you to use other programs on your PC, so either a separate dedicated PC or leaving the program on while you are sleeping/away is recommended.

Bots are rarely a risk. If kept up-to-date they will not be detected as they do not change any code in your game files. GM’s will have systems in place to detect suspicious behaviour such as red-flags for certain paths/route. So it’s a good idea to change which path your bot will take and not to leave a bot running for days on end. Unless you plan on running a large group of bots, a single player using a bot will not attract much attention, but you can never be too careful keeping your account safe.




Runes of Magic Hacks
Unlike bots, hacks are detectable and usually a permanent ban, while they have their uses extreme caution is necessary. To make sure you aren’t caught using a hack make sure you’re using the latest version for the correct patch, using an outdated hack is a sure-fire way to get yourself banned, and try not to go overboard using a hack, subtle use will allow you to hack for longer. Hacks are constantly evolving and changing, but speed hacks, fly hacks, teleport hacks, wallclimb hacks, no fall damage hacks and unlimited zooming hacks are all possibilities. Since Runes of Magic uses a targeted spell system aimbots aren’t needed, but there are hacks that allow you to force line of sight against players stopping their spell casts against you. As long as you use hacks with caution and away from players you can use them relatively safely. While hacking gives you a great advantage in PVP other players are more likely to notice you, if you want to remain safe stick to using hacks in PVE.


Runes of Magic Gold, Diamond, Ruby generators and Item Duplication

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πŸ“ Download Mirror 1 πŸ“ Download Mirror 2 πŸ“ EXTERNAL MIRROR

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