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We love to use ESP Hacks, Aimbots and other Cheats in our favorite games while still trying to respect other players and their right to a good experience. If you are looking to Buy RustHacks, then you might want to check out our curated Legit Providers List and Reviews in order to find trustworthy Sellers. If you are looking to Download Free Rust Cheats, then please Sign Up, head over to our Forum and Get Started.

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Rust Cheats
Cheating in Rust serves a very simple purpose: To not die and get all the shiny stuff. As we know the most dangerous force of nature in this game, aside from zombies, are other players, so cheats are basically ways to kill, find or avoid other players more efficiently. There are only very little ways of cheating in rust manually, most cheats, such as ESP hacks, aimbots and client side hacks are aided by software. However, Rust does have a pretty efficient anti-cheat system, so one needs to be very careful when using any kind of exploitative software on this game. Cheats will be able to make your game much easier once you get a gun. However, up to that point cheats will not be quite as overpowered and if you are a naked man (or women) in the wilds with no means to defend yourself, but a rock, then people will still be able to kill you easily. Even hacks can help you in that situation.

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Rust Aimbots
To be able to automatically aim and shoot enemies is probably any gamers dream: Aimbots make it possible. Since the area around you on the Rust map is loaded onto and rendered on your machine, we are able to locate other players or zombies and shoot them automatically by injecting certain code into the game. Usually the aimbot is bound to a certain key or mouse button and once you hold it down, it will automatically aim or shoot at enemies in range. In rust this works for other players and of course the annoying zombies as well. However, the aimbot will not be able to determine if a target is an actual player that is not friendly or someone you are playing with, so do be careful. Your friends will not like it if you keep shooting their heads. Another problem is that the game will ban you if you accuracy is too high, so try to miss some shots too, or you will be banned from the servers. And just generally use the aimbot carefully and with respect for the game and other players. It’s the best for you and all other parties. When I use aimbots in Rust or DayZ, I try to be a good guy and help people. And if people want to be jerks and rob me, then I get to use my aimbot. That way my cheating only hurts people that are jerks in the game and that is alright for me.

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Rust ESP and Crosshair Hacks
ESP means Extrasensory Perception and is an unnecessarily fancy way if saying: “This hack makes things visible”. ESP Hacks in Rust will highlight zombies, items, other player and other objects on your screen, making it easy for you to find or avoid them. These hacks are also referred to as “Wallhacks”, since it allows you to see through walls and other objects. – Another very useful cheat that is included in most Rust ESP hacks is a Crosshair for the non-zoomed gun sight. This is quite useful as well, since if makes aiming a lot faster if you do not necessarily have to use your sights. And of course being able to find items, such as weapons, ammo or food a lot faster is quite useful as well for obvious reasons. Overall ESP hacks are quite overpowered cheats on their own, but if combined with an aimbot are even more awesome. However, please only use them in a way as to not annoy other players. Believe me: It’s a lot more fun to use your “superiority” to help other players. You may even find some new friends to play games with.

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