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Shun Steam Edition CD-Key

Easy to play, difficult to master, UmiharaKawase is a totally unique ‘Rubbering Action’ physics based puzzle platform game with over 20 years of gaming history.
Developed by the creators of the original game (Kiyoshi Sakai and Toshinobu Kondo) and available for the first time really globally, this cult classic was a Japanese indie smash hit before the rest of the world knew what a cult classic was!
`Umihara Kawase` – a backpacking Japanese sushi chef armed with a fishing rod, a rubber fishing line and a fishing hook. Avoid fish-like enemies, conveyer belts, spikes, watery pits, time travel and more. The deeper in to this dream-like game players venture, the more challenging the solutions and the greater the time pressure becomes. Along the way, look out for shortcuts and secret exits and unlock bonus levels.
It is the elasticity of Kawase-chan’s rubber fishing line that has set this apart from all other rope games, giving unprecedented levels of mobility and discovery. Tightening the line or giving lots of slack can be the difference between success and failure. The bungee like nature of the fishing line allows the player to stretch down to otherwise unreachable areas or be catapulted upwards.

  • First time ever to be released overseas!
  • Total of 3 ‘UmiharaKawase Shun’ are in 1 package; UmiharaKawase Shun, UmiharaKawase Shun Second Edition, and UmiharaKawase Shun Second Edition Kanzenban!
  • The latest version of this classic 20-year old franchise
  • Created by programmer Kiyoshi Sakai (also programmer on ‘The Mosquito’) and character designer & illustrator, Toshinobu Kondo – creators of the original game.
  • Global time ranking
  • This tool was coded on Visual C++ and before you Download the software you need to have installed the following software:

    UmiharaKawase Shun Steam Edition cd-key

    How to use the UmiharaKawase Shun Steam Edition CD-Key Generator:

    1. Review UmiharaKawase Shun Steam Edition CD-Key Generator and open it.
    2. Be sure that the Proxy feature is ON.
    3. Press “Generate Key” button.
    4. That’s it! The process should take about one minute.
    5. After generation use this key for activate the game. If the code is not correct, you just press the “Generate” button again, do this until the code will be correct. Enjoy!

    Hint: Do not share your CD Key with anyone

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