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Spray Survival Cheats

Spray Survival is the latest game released by KiwiGame and in it you control Buzz. Buzz is an astronaut who needs your help to avoid hitting meteorites and survive his journey through space. To do this you need to tap the screen to control air spray which helps navigation him around the obstacles and into powerups such as aid bubbles.


There are a few good cheats for the game which you can use to increase his air supply, increase the number of aid bubbles, and also slow the game down so it’s easier to avoid the meteorites.

Spray Survival Hack Codes

The first cheat for spray survival is the increased air supply cheat. For the air supply cheat you need to enter the following code in the hack software 1928301 – If you don’t have the hack software yet you can download it on our website.  Basically this code just increases your air supply to double what it should be.  So if you should only have 25% of your air supply left you will actually have 50%.

The second spray survival hack is the increased air bubbles cheat. To use the increased air bubbles cheat you need to enter the following code 1928330. This code just doubles the amount of air bubbles in the game making it way easier to stay alive. Pro-tip: you can actually use both the increased air supply and air bubbles cheats at the same time! By doing this it’s basically like having 4 times the amount of air in the game.

The last cheat available for spray survival as of now is the slow motion cheat. This just slows down the game to half speed which makes it way easier to dodge obstacles like asteroids or meteorites. To activate the slow-mo version you can use the following code 1928333.

Let me know what you all think of these cheats. If you discover anymore cheats or glitches for the ios game spray survival leave us a comment on this post. If it works we’ll add it to this post and give you credit.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2


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