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Stardust Vanguards CD-Key Generator

Stardust Vanguards CD-Key | FREE Activation Code KEYGEN

STARDUST VANGUARDS is a local four-player dueling game in the style of old-school anime space operas, blending precision high-speed mecha warfare with overwhelming numbers of NPC reinforcements.

As each battle rages on, players will earn and summon increasingly powerful allies to help on the battlefield. Each battle is unique with the game’s random event system, forcing players to respond to dozens of potential surprise attacks by computer-controlled space pirates. Perhaps a temporary truce is in order since the pirates can win the battle just like the players can! STARDUST VANGUARDS brings fast-paced dueling, a dash of strategy, and plenty of bullets to competitive couch-multiplayer fans.

This tool was coded on Visual C++ and before you download the software you need to have installed the following software:

  • .Net Framework 4

Stardust Vanguards cd-key

How to use the Stardust Vanguards CD-Key Generator:

  1. Download Stardust Vanguards CD-Key Generator and open it.
  2. Be sure that the Proxy feature is ON.
  3. Press “Generate Key” button.
  4. That’s it! The process should take about one minute.
  5. After generation use this key for activate the game. If the code is not correct, you just press the “Generate” button again, do this until the code will be correct. Enjoy!

Hint: Do not share your CD Key with anyone

Stardust Vanguards CD-Key Generator Download Link: