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The Secret Society Hack

The Secret Society Hack for Coins & Crystals 2016

Coins and crystals are an important part of The Secret Society. To win, you’ll need a lot of coins and gold. Download our free The Secret Society hack tool now, directly from our website, to easily get coins and crystals.

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About The Secret Society

The Secret Society Hack

The game’s story follows the disappearance of your character’s Uncle Richard, who was a high ranking member of The Secret Society, aka the Order of Seekers. He sends you a letter detailing the fact that he has to leave his position in the Order for some unknown reason, and he wants you to take his place. He also informs you that you are born with a special power, which allows you to travel through magical worlds with the use of photographs.

Once you join the Order of Seekers, you are met with Christy, your uncle’s personal assistant, who also introduces you to Alfred, the butler. With the help of these two characters you unavoidably step into the middle of the mystery, trying to figure out the reason for Richard’s disappearance. Is there someone evil behind all this, or did Richard disappear on his own?

The gameplay of The Secret Society is somewhat similar to usual hidden object and puzzle games, but it introduces new mechanics that are mostly known from other genres. Instead of following a linear story, the game places you at a table in the Order’s safehouse, where you can review your Diary, Inventory, Collections, Shop, Awards and Friends. This table also has 29 pictures laid out, as well as 4 puzzle minigames. This is where you will reach all the information you might need regarding the story and the gameplay.

The story progresses with the use of quests, which you get from Christy or Alfred. There are almost two thousand quests in the game, some of which are unrelated to the story and require you to find an item for one of the two character, while some are important story step quests. When you are asked to find an item, you can do that by utilizing your magical powers and entering one of the photographs on the table. Before you do so, you can review which objects can be found in them, so it’s easy to decide which quest to go after.

At first you only have a single photograph available, one of Venice. Entering it means you start a hidden object minigame with a time limit, where you have to find objects with the help of a list of item names, such as “Rat, Shoe, Bell, Mask” and so on. There is also a secondary mode, which requires you to find items with the help of a list of silhoulettes instead of names. Later on you will unlock even more modes, such as night time, where you have to use a spotlight to find objects, or the Morph mode, where some items keep changing appearance. Which of the available modes you need to do is entirely dependant on how many times you completed the same level before. As you go back to the same one multiple times, the collectibles and modes change, just as the item rewards at the end.