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Trivia Crack 3.39.4 Mod Apk (Premium) Latest Version

Download Trivia Crack Mod Apk 3.39.4 (Premium) Latest Version:

It is a quiz based game where you have to answer the questions correctly and win the game. The game objective is to obtain all the six characters in the game present on the wheel from different categories. Each game or the part will have 25 rounds in it and the one who will first collect all the characters on the bike that player will be the winner of the game. To obtain the role, one must answer all the questions correctly. If the answer given is wrong then the game start forms the again, and you have to clear that round again.

Now to play Trivia crack mod apk game here are the facts about it and the controls. There will be the spinning wheel which will be split into the seven sections. They will be representing the art, science, geography, history, entertainment, and sports sections for the quiz, and the last part is the crown section. The player can challenge the opponent from one of their characters, and the opponent has to answer it. While the wheel is spinning when it will stop anyone of the character players will get a quiz on it, and the player has to answer the question if the player is not able to answer the question then the item will be passed on to the opponent. On every correct answer, the crown gauge below will be filled. Both players have one character to compete in the challenge.

You can invite your friends and play with them and test your knowledge. You can even chat with them in the game. There are various modes as the daily questions, crown league, triathlon. Trivia topics tell you about the issues that are there in the game on which quiz is based, and the treasure hunt gives you the gifts when you win the exam and complete the missions. Trivia crack mod apk is a competitive game that will let the children boost up their knowledge and make their brain exercise.

The wheel can decide your future within the physical object information world. It’s your luck whether you will be getting the science question or the history question or any other. It will be interesting to test your knowledge on your own and see the result. Complete the daily missions and win amazing rewards. Compete in the challenges and defeat your opponent. Flaunt your characters in the trivia world. It’s a beautiful social and thinking ability game that will encourage your brain to know about the information and answer the right question.

So, what you all waiting for come and play this new and fantastic game that will help in boosting your knowledge from Bollywood to history to science to sports, take a tour in the world of education. Invite your friends and play Trivia Crack mod apk with them, challenge them and become the physical object king. Come and crack the game, earn the prizes, and earn the characters just only on your knowledge skills. Become the master of the trivia world and the knowledge master.

Trivia Crack Mod Apk File Information:

App Name Trivia Crack
File Size 87 MB
Latest Version 3.39.4
Operation System Android 4.0 and Above
Cost 100% Free
Features Premium

Trivia Crack Mod Apk Features:

  • Gives you the knowledge and test it
  • Play with your friends
  • Become the master of knowledge
  • Amazing sound effects
  • Fun for learning
  • Children friendly
  • Six different topics
  • New and amazing six different characters
  • New daily missions and challenges

What’s New:

  • Bug Fixed

Trivia Crack Mod Apk Gameplay Screenshots: 

Trivia Crack 3.39.4 Mod Apk (Premium) Latest Version

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