Ok, First off I don’t want to hear about a security risk. There is risk in everything. But what mine does over others is it uses Glyph stored login name and password hash file. Meaning it is the best way to be secure and as it uses glyph it self for that.

Also as of 1.3 of taejim program it uses this feature for login saving. I wrote part of it for him but went it would be just as good as a standalone with out the fishingbot part.

Reason behind making this was I was talking to taejim about his program and I remember it used to save the username and password and would automate typing it. To me this is to big of a risk. So last night I dug around Glyph and found out where the Login name and password hashes are store. So I went hmm I could use this. So I went and made way of saving that data sent it over to taejim and he loved the idea. So today when I woke up I decided to finish this for my own use. But I began to think others might like this. I was not a fan of the flashie one that iKasuFTW made. So I wrote a simple GUI. One where you wont have to type in usernames and all that. Took me little over 4-6 hrs tinkering with it to get it to work the way I would use it. And here you go. Remember to always +rep if you like

GUI Preview:

How to use:
First hit config button a the bottom. Make sure the paths are set correctly. If you are using steam check the checkbox. It will change over to the steam default locations. If you are not using the default locations for steam or glyph hit Browse button and navigate your way to the GlyphClient.exe. As for the path for the data folder. Steam stores that in the same folder as the GlyphClient.exe. The standalone stores it in %localappdata%Glyph. Once you are sure the paths are correct hit save and exit config button.

Now, Hit the button that says Launch Glyph with no login. This will open Glyph with no login. Login with your Username/Password. DO NOT HIT PLAY JUST YET. Now go back to the program and hit Save/Add Current Login. This will then add it to the list. Now to add another account just hit the logout button at the top of the glyph client. Login again and hit the Save/Add Current Login button on the program.

If for what ever reason you wish to delete a login. Just select the login on the list and hit the button Delete Selected Account. This will delete all data for this account that is stored.

Now once you have your usernames set and saved. To launch the accounts just select the account on this list and hit the button Launch Selected Account. You can also double click on the list to launch it. Once launched just hit play. Go back to the program and Launch another.