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It has been some time since I played the game. However, when I did play the game I was one of the first 6 players to reach level 100 and was botting the game 24h every day. The most important thing about cheating in Tyrant is to be aware of the most overpowered decks of the moment and to use them to bot missions and faction wars effectively. – And since Synapticon want to make a lot of money from those that will throw infinite money at the game, they will always release more and more overpowered cards that they sell for war bonds ect. I do not want to get too political here, but Synapticon does that. So much so that after some time they had to boost all the older cards that were literally made obsolete by their new overpowered ones they sold for money. – So the most important thing is to use simulators a lot and figure out the best decks of the moment for auto resolve. There are no bots that can actually intelligently play a deck, so only go for auto resolve ones. I do not know the most overpowered decks at this time, and neither do I care, since they do change every few weeks anyways. Go to the Tyrant Kongregate forums to find the “new hotness” and if the most powerful deck is only available for War Bonds (it most likely is), then go for the best, cheapest one. After that all you do is basically set up a simple click bot that does all the work for you. Attention: You will need a dedicated PC to bot this game effectively and you will need some patience to learn the process of “programming/creating the bot”.




Tyrant Bots (Macros)
In my time at the top of the Tyrant ladder I heard about many different people that used many different programs to create their tyrant bots. However, the method that was the best for me and for anyone that is not incredibly experienced with programming was the macro recording route of doing things. Macro recorders basically record actions/movements on your mouse and keyboard and then allow you to replay them, in a loop if you want, and therefore automate simple grinding in Tyrant. All you really need is some kind of macro recorder (mouse and keyboard recorder) that also includes some kind of editor and has the ability to replay scripts in an infinite loop. There are literally thousands of these programs out there and most of them are available for free. I do not remember which one I used back in the day, but it matters not, since they all basically do the same thing. What you will need to do is to experiment around with creating your own scripts for Tyrant. Setting up automated mission farming using auto resolve and skip is pretty easy to do, adding the fighting of faction battles is a bit harder, automatically opening boxes on top of that and changing decks between actions all requires a bit of planning. You also do want to set the script up to restart the browser once in a while, because your RAM might fill up and the whole thing may start to lag or crash. While I could certainly write a book on how exactly you need to set all this up and how to use the editing functions on your macro tool to insert new loops, I am a believer in Learning by Doing. – Experiment with it, you will figure it all out. Just keep in mind that your PC is literally unusable while your bot is running. I myself had a dedicated laptop that was in charge of botting Tyrant for almost a year and it worked quite well. If you need more information in setting up click bots, then visit our tutorials section or use the search bar above.




More About Tyrant Scripting / Use of Macros

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR

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