Undead Slayer hack iOS and Android

Undead Slayer is a free to play iOS and Android game that puts players in the shoes of Ancient China’s most feared zombie slayer Xiahou Dun. He will fight the undead with nothing more than his over sized sword, his special moves and his combat pets.

Undead Slayer hack
Undead Slayer hack

The storyline in Undead Slayer is so ridiculous that it should put a giggle in your heart. All you need to know is that zombies have invaded China and it is your job to kill them all. Beyond that basic premise however the storyline is shallow and never gets interesting. The characters within the game are all forgettable including the player character Xiahou Dun who is either confused about the task at hand or is a whiny crybaby so in many ways he is Ancient China’s answer to Luke Skywalker.

Undead Slayer hack
Undead Slayer hack

The game play in Undead Slayer is simplistic to say the least, the player takes control of Xiahou Dun from a top down perspective. The player moves their character by simply tapping on any location within the mission zone and they attack by tapping on an enemy which launches their character into an attack combo. These attacks are automatic and the only thing that the player needs to really do is lead their character in the general direction of the enemy force. This is the biggest criticism I have with the game which is the lack of interaction between the player and the game, all it takes is one tap on the screen and the computer will automatically do the fighting for the player which is a shame because the combo animations looked so visceral and exciting. The enemy AI in the game is moronic, they will gather in large groups which means the combo attacks are able to hit about ten enemies at once. They do try their best to break through the player’s combo through blocks and occasional attacks but even this can be countered by a fast dodging player.

I enjoyed the premise of zombies in Ancient China and the pet mechanic was fun and worked real well because it gave the player some degree of autonomy in movement and attack. The game however suffers from oversimplified controls and mechanics, I really wish the developers could have given us an onscreen joystick option so that we as the player can move and attack freely rather than have the computer do all the work for us. The enemy’s sole tactic of swarming the player in one large group felt really cheap and uninspired and their overall intelligence was equivalent to that of a suicidal turkey.

5 stars review Undead Slayer hack:

“Really fun and addicting and this is a rare example of a phone game that is not completely pay to win however buying jade does make things a hell of a lot easier.”
“Love this game especially how as you get stronger you can summon pets and go rank at them and have loads of fun.”
“This game is a very entertaining (and original) take on the hack n’ slash genre. It is very well executed, and a good tribute to some anime. The combat system is innovative and fun (tho sometimes frustrating). Some suggestions…make jade easier to get. Allow the player to buy certain weaker weapons/ armor with gold. “
“Great game! Fun to play. Gameplay is smooth. Difficulty is well paced. Good use of touch controls. Easy to learn. Great work by the developers. This is how games should be made for tablets and phones. Good Gameplay for a few minutes or few hours. “

Undead Slayer hack tool is a free application , easy to use, that will allow you to play the game on all platform and device you want. You can download from one of the links bellow the app. Just open it and select your device, set your desire amount of gold or jade, click the “start hack” button and in few seconds your account will be fully upgraded.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

Enjoy the game with all unlocked features.

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