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Underworld Soccer Manager 5.6.01 (Full) Apk for Android

Underworld Soccer Manager 19 5.6.01 Apk for Android

Underworld Soccer Manager 5.6.01 (Full) Apk for Android

Build a football empire by taking over a run-down city and football club and reach the top at any cost in Underworld Football Manager 2018. Cheat, bribe, scheme and strike to be an ultimate football tycoon. Outwit every rival club manager to win the championship and become the biggest football criminal.

Underworld Football Manager 2018 is a free online football manager game where you build up your city, sign star football players and train your team. Master strategy skills and resort to dirty tactics and corruption to take down your rival club manager… Even before the referee blows the whistle.


Football Manager – Manage Your Team
• Manager games – Pit your top eleven players against real life opponents
• Sign star football players and develop your team with items
• Use strategy, sometimes criminal sometimes fair, to defend yourself against a rival club manager

Mafia Gameplay – Cheat, Scheme & Steal
• Build an empire by taking over an unknown city through criminal acts
• Evolve from small-time gangster to godfather of football
• Crime games: Spy on your opposition, then assault, cheat, bribe and vandalise them
• Scheme against other clubs by earning skills to gain an “unfair” advantage in games

Online Battles Against Rival Football Clubs
• Online football games for free against real life opponents in the league and tournaments
• Play football with friends and take down the toughest club manager
• Cheat your way to the top in live football player auctions by bidding against other managers

Want a more “real world” soccer manger game experience? Ever wished a player would get injured before key fixtures? Whether you call it soccer or football, experience the criminal side of a football manager game with Underworld Football Manager 2018, where football management and city builder meet criminal Mafia tactics.

Underworld Football Manager 2018 is a free-to-play online only footbal manager game where your football team battles against real live opponents. Make sure you have an internet connection for online games.

We’re constantly adding new features – so let us know what you think at [email protected], and join our Facebook community at

Supported Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Bosnian and Serbian


We’ve been working improvements to help navigate UFM and generally make a better experience!– Added shortcuts outside of the buildings. You can tap any notification to enter the buildings directly still!
– Collect money from the Finance HQ with a single click!
– Cleaned up some of the interfaces around the city
– New music!If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us through the “feedback” option in the menu

Underworld Soccer Manager 18 Apk

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2(two) Download Links Available:
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