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Workplace Rhapsody free tool installer

Newcomers who’ve simply graduated from college and are getting ready to enter the office have gone by means of repeated alternatives and efficiently joined a senior underwear design firm. Learn how to work together with folks within the firm has develop into his greatest drawback. Get the hearts of all girls within the firm?

Gamers develop newcomers and get details about colleagues within the firm by means of the corporate with colleagues. In line with the workers, get the corresponding presents to get the best impact. The following day will import the goodwill of the story, if the goodwill is 0, it is advisable combat together with your companions to try for the goodness of progress.


The corporate colleague, the pink lady with a slim antenna, could be very pleasant to the protagonist and is a sort lady.


The plump and spherical run cleaner, probably the most well-informed individual within the firm, the husband is within the nation, and it appears that evidently there isn’t a married life.


Treasurer, lengthy legs, fair-skinned, cups, moms with eyes.


In a affluent metropolis, there’s a village within the metropolis, a darkish crimson shampoo room, and a senior lady.


The builders describe the content material like this:

All characters are adults, there isn’t a drug and alcohol abuse or self-harm, and there’s no sexual assault/non-consensual intercourse



    • OS: win7
    • Processor: i3
    • Reminiscence: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1G独显
    • Storage: 1 GB obtainable area