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Z Fighters Hack Cheat

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Z Fighters (Z戦士, Zetto Senshi; also known as the Z Warriors or Earth’s Special Forces,or even the Gold Fighters by Mr. Satan) are a small group of warriors located onEarth. Their duty is to defend Earth from major threats and to protect the seven mystical Dragon Balls from the hands of evil. Goku is the de facto leader of the group due to his incredible success rates against villains in Dragon Ball, victory over theSaiyans, and his victory over Frieza. Over time, the group consistently bolstered its ranks through the addition of former enemies and new heroes and routinely overcame seemingly insurmountable opponents, always emerging victorious against progressively more powerful foes.


Z Fighters is a new RPG based on the classic anime Dragonball Z. In this game you can collect and battle with heroes and enemies straight from the anime! You can either choose to fight through the story which follows the plot from Dragonball Z, or pit your team against other players in the Arena! Whichever you choose, we’ll help you build the ultimate team with our Z Fighters cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


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